Institutional arrangement

Prof. Oldrich Dedek
Prof. Oldrich Dedek Chief coordinator for euro adoption in the Czech Republic


With the aim to manage a complex process of euro adoption in the Czech Republic the Czech government decided in autumn 2005 to establish the National Coordination Group for the Euro Adoption in the Czech Republic (NCG). The main task of this body is to coordinate the organisational, legislative and technical activates related to the transition from the original national currency to the single European currency.

The NCG is an expert body headed by the National Coordinator for Euro Adoption and composed of high-level representatives from important state administration authorities: Czech National Bank, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of the Interior and The Office of the Government of the Czech Republic.

The NCG decided to set up Working Groups (WG) whose role is to provide expert information on specific issues and prepare background materials for the decision taken by the NCG itself or, as the case may be, the Government. There are six regular Working Groups having an active membership from many public and private sector institutions. Each WG has its financial and technical background provided by a respective NCG member’s home institution.

  • WG for Legislation – responsible institution Ministry of Justice.
  • WG for Financial Sector – responsible institution Czech National Bank.
  • WG for Public Finances and Public Administration – responsible institution Ministry of Finance.
  • WG for Non-Financial Sector and Consumer Protection – responsible institution Ministry of Industry and Trade.
  • WG for Information Technologies and Statistics – responsible institution Ministry of the Interior.
  • WG for Communication – responsible institution Ministry of Finance in cooperation with Czech National Bank.

To provide organisational and administrative support for the activities of the NCG, the Ministry of Finance established the Organisational Committee. This body is also instrumental in coordinating activities of the working groups, in drafting methodological texts, and in engaging in other tasks connected to the euro adoption in the Czech Republic.